MV & HV Cable Jointing

Cable deterioration occurs naturally with age, especially when exposed to high loading temperatures and even when it is not physically damaged. Many substances such as water, oil and chemicals can contaminate and shorten the life of insulation and cause serious problems. Atlantic Power carries out fault identification services either above or below ground to locate the cable fault and repair as soon as possible.

HV Cable Jointing and Termination

Cable termination allows cable connections to various types of electrical equipment, such as switchgear. Common jointing such as PILC (Paper Insulated Lead Covered) to XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulation) cable. Cable terminations and joints for use on MV HV electrical power distribution systems should only ever be installed by trained and competent jointers in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions.

High Voltage Cable Jointing & repairs

Atlantic Power specialises in providing High Voltage Cable Jointing solutions anywhere in South Africa and abroad with testimonials that can attest to our exceptional service. We offer this from 11kV up to 132kV.


We carry out standard techniques for high voltage & medium voltage cable jointing, from the traditional paper insulated lead covered cable type joints through to the modern Heat shrink - XLPE - PILC including for terminations, the Heat shrink - XLPE - PILC. Our teams are trained to latest specs - this includes: cold shrink, heat shrink, products from various manufacturers. Our highly experienced skilled cable jointing teams perform installation services for all types of networks.

Our Services

44kV -132kV High voltage cable jointing and terminating (XLPE) 11kV -33kV Medium voltage cable jointing and terminating (XLPE & PILC) Low voltage cable jointing and terminating VLF pressure testing of medium voltage cables Cable installations Excavating of trenches