Internationally Certified HV & MV Cable Jointing Specialists

Atlantic Power was started as a father and son team. The company was established in 2009 and has been successfully trading for the past 12 years. We specialise in 11KV to 33KV cable jointing. We do cable jointing work for Municipalities, Eskom, Private Sector, Wind Farms, Solar Farms, Oil Rigs and the Mining Industry. With over 60 years combined experience, we guarantee our clients professional workmanship both locally and internationally.
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to give a professional, quality cable jointing service by going that extra mile to satisfy every clients need, right the first time. Our full range of cable jointing voltages are 11kV, 22kV, 33 kV, 44kV, 66kV, 88kV up to 132kV . We specialize in low (LV), medium (MV) and high voltage (HV) cable jointing, terminations and pressure testing anywhere in South Africa and abroad. We take pride in every job undertaken, from the smallest to the biggest, each project is completed by our professional internationally certified cable jointers, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest of standards without compromise and to the strictest safety standards. We take pride in our staff, providing the correct training and tools to complete each project in an efficient and successful manner. Every cable jointer undergoes a 3 year training course and have trained & received qualified accreditation in Germany, Sweden and in South Africa, with voltages ranging from 11kV - 145kV.

Local Municipalities, Eskom and private sector

Local Municipalities, Eskom and private sector

We have completed many hours of cable jointing for our local municipalities, Eskom and private sector. We work on multiple municipality networks which include Eskom and City Of Cape Town networks. With our expertise & accreditation, we are well positioned to provide our services at the highest required service levels. We have constant work/projects on the go with these local authorities.

Commercial Cable Jointing

Commercial Cable Jointing

Atlantic Power have completed medium & high voltage works in all aspects of commercial projects. We provide services including cable installation, and all other aspects of MV & HV electrical works to the local authorities and private companies. Atlantic Power supply 11KV - 132KV cable jointing to municipalities, Eskom and Renewable energy suppliers.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Atlantic Power has successfully completed renewable projects which include 33kV wind farms & 22kV pv solar farms. Projects successfully completed, • Hopefield Windfarm • West Coast 1 Windfarm • Noblesfontein Windfarm • Loeriesfontein Windfarm • Koehab Windfarm • Paleisheiwel PV solar farm • Rosh Pinah PV solar farm in Namibia



Atlantic Power has completed multiple Offshore projects in the following locations: Malaysia- oil & gas rig -15kV 3core XLPE terminations between substations and transformers. Saudi Arabia for Saudi Aramco on their electrical distribution platforms installed 115kV Sumitomo single core terminations into GIS switchgear and onto outdoor switchgear. Canary Islands- repair of cable terminations onto the transformer for De Beers on their shipping vessel.

Mining Sector

Mining Sector

Atlantic Power has been operating in the mining and heavy industrial areas in South Africa and abroad. With its combination of highly skilled team installation techniques, our commitment to providing key services to mining projects around the world makes it one of the leading high-voltage cable jointing companies in South Africa.

MV & HV Cable Jointing

Cable deterioration occurs naturally with age, especially when exposed to high loading temperatures and even when it is not physically damaged. Many substances such as water, oil and chemicals can contaminate and shorten the life of insulation and cause serious problems. Atlantic Power carries out fault identification services either above or below ground to locate the cable fault and repair as soon as possible.

HV Cable Jointing and Termination

Cable termination allows cable connections to various types of electrical equipment, such as switchgear. Common jointing such as PILC (Paper Insulated Lead Covered) to XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulation) cable. Cable terminations and joints for use on MV HV electrical power distribution systems should only ever be installed by trained and competent jointers in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions.

High Voltage Cable Jointing & repairs

Atlantic Power specialises in providing High Voltage Cable Jointing solutions anywhere in South Africa and abroad with testimonials that can attest to our exceptional service. We offer this from 11kV up to 132kV.


We carry out standard techniques for high voltage & medium voltage cable jointing, from the traditional paper insulated lead covered cable type joints through to the modern Heat shrink - XLPE - PILC including for terminations, the Heat shrink - XLPE - PILC. Our teams are trained to latest specs - this includes: cold shrink, heat shrink, products from various manufacturers. Our highly experienced skilled cable jointing teams perform installation services for all types of networks.

Our Services

44kV -132kV High voltage cable jointing and terminating (XLPE) 11kV -33kV Medium voltage cable jointing and terminating (XLPE & PILC) Low voltage cable jointing and terminating VLF pressure testing of medium voltage cables Cable installations Excavating of trenches

  • NKT Germany & Sweden accredited: 33kV - 145kV
  • Sumitomo (Japan) accredited: 115kV
  • Lovink (Netherlands) accredited: 11kV - 33kV
  • Euromold/Nexans (South Africa) accredited: 22kV - 33kV
  • CIP (South Africa) accredited: 11kV - 33kV
  • Tank, Raychem (South Africa) accredited: 11kV - 33kV
  • DSG Canusa (South Africa) accredited: 11kV

Keith Mulligan Founder of Atlantic Power Cable Services

Keith Mulligan Started Atlantic Power in 2010, he started the company from his Garage with the little tools he had.
He Put his Blood, Sweat and Tears into the company for Atlantic Power to be where it is Today.
He was a loving Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Grandfather, Friend and Colleague, he was genuinely loved by many, sadly in 2019 Keith was taken from us too soon, He may be gone but he is defiantly not forgotten, he Touched the hearts of Many, whether it was with Work, Family or his close friends. He has left his mark on those who he associated himself with.
We, at Atlantic Power are profoundly grateful and thankful to the man who made such a thriving business that has given us the privilege of having opportunities that has been presented to us.

In Loving Memory of Keith Jeffery Mulligan
02.08.1965 – 25.08.2019
  • Unit 2, 9 Columbus Crescent Rivergate Ind Park, Cape Town South Africa