Connect power cable with luster terminals

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Extending Electric Power Cable – Electric Cable Joiner
March 20, 2018
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Connect power cable with luster terminals

It is particularly easy and safe to connect power cables with luster terminals. Depending on whether you have two or three wires, you will need a two or three luster terminal. You usually get these as a twelve in every hardware store. You will also need a small slotted screwdriver and a knife or wire stripper. So go ahead:

Remove almost 1.5 cm of the cable sheath and insulate about 3 mm of all cores.

If you only have low voltage and load, you can slightly wet the tips of the conductors with solder. Then they are better grasped by the luster terminal screw and not simply spread.

Now turn the screws in the luster terminal loosely.

Then lead the cables into each slot of the luster terminal.

The wire insulation should end with the metal piece of the luster terminal, so that no metal line is visible.

Now tighten the screws.

Do the same with the extension cable on the other side.

Connect the outer conductor, the neutral cable and, if applicable, the protective conductor with each other.

This usually means that you connect pipes of the same color.

Remember that the cables are virtually free.

The screws are to connect to the live wires.

Alternatively, use one light terminal per core.

There are no wires with light terminals.

But you have to strip more than 2 cm of the cable sheath and 0.9 to 10 mm of the cables, so that the connection is stuck.

Power cable crimping – without luster terminals

Crimping tool and connection

Crimping tool and connection

Another elegant solution for connecting cables is to crimp them. Use insulated butt connectors for crimping. For this you need a crimping tool . How to proceed:

Remove one centimeter of the cable sheath.

Then insulate about one-third of the butt connector length of each wire.

Now push a wire into the butt connector.

A mechanical lock in the middle prevents you from inserting the pipe too deeply.

If metal still peeks out of the butt connector, you’ve stripped too much.

In this case, shorten with a side cutter and reinsert the line.

Place the crimping tool just before the edge of the narrow area of ​​the butt connector.

Here ends the connecting piece of metal.

Press hard to crimp the wire.

Then pull hard on the cable to make sure the connection lasts.

At the other end, insert the lengthening cable piece and proceed in the same way.

Connect each outer conductor, neutral cable and, if necessary, protective conductor with each other.

If you use spade connectors as shown in the photo, you can disconnect the cable connection if necessary.

Do this only at your own risk.

Make sure that you insulate the connections well.

Note: Do not use such a solution at mains voltage, but at most to simply connect and disconnect a battery-powered device.

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